Adnan is a passionate RC aeromodeller with seven years of RC flying experience. A graphic designer by profession, he infuses his creativity into flying RC aircraft.

Adnan started his RC journey with a desire to fly classic World War II models, but his interest expanded to flying aerobatic 3D planes. He developed a genuine interest in thermal soaring with gliders. His specialty in thermal soaring lies in F3K, an international competion for radio-controlled, hand-launched model gliders.

He has organized many F3K contests and has travelled to Beijing competitions – achieving 3rd place in at the world standard competition. A spirited and admirable modeller, Adnan seeks to pass on his skills and knowledge to new modelers. Budding aviators will certainly gain valuable insights from his remarkable flying experiences, as well as his vast field knowledge!



Wu Boon Pin is a dealer who has an avid interest in Radio Control aircraft. Since discovering this passion in 2004, he has been intimately following RC trends and developments.

Competent in flying both indoor helicopter and outdoor planes, he has embarked on the challenge of flying bigger planes powered by nitro engines. Not only is he well acquainted with RC technology and related equipment, he has vast knowledge in aerodynamics. You can catch him in action flying an aerobatic helicopter!

Boon Pin has a fleet of models of foam planes, ducted fan planes, composite sea planes and gliders, indoor & outdoor helicopters, monster trucks, jet boats. Learn from Boon Pin the art of RC and aviation and be prepared to be blown away